The following publications of the PMS National Office are available at the National Office or through the PMS Diocesan Directors

Come and See (PMS News Letter).

Yearly Mission Sunday Messages by Popes(from year 2000).

Children’s Parliament.

Catechesis and Mission.

SOMA 1 in Nigeria.

Introducing the Pontifical Mission Societies (PMS) Audio Tape.

Mission Club in the Seminaries.

Mission Club in Formation Houses.


Holy Childhood in our Community (Reprint).

Holy Childhood Guideline

PMS Guideline for the Diocesan, Parish and Station Committee.

Mission Rosary (Booklet).

Mission Stations of the Cross.

The Mission Quiz Book.

The New Breed Missionaries.

Children Helping Children (HCA Dossier).

Priests and Religious on Mission (PMU Dossier).

The Successful Missionaries.

PMU Guideline

The Life and Work Of St.Paul, The Great Missionary in 313 Questions

World Mission Sunday