The PMS National Council meeting is a meeting of the Diocesan Directors of PMS to basically report the previous year’s PMS Diocesan activities and plan for the current year’s activities. It is usually the third week of Easter and takes place in Abuja.

 This year National Council Meeting took place at The Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria’s Resource Centre, Durumi Abuja on 24-28 April 2023. With the theme

“Burning hearts, feet on the move” (Luke 24:13-35)

45 PMS directors from 45 Dioceses across Nigeria were present.

The National Council meeting commenced with an opening Mass presided over by the PMS  Episcopal Chairman, Most Rev. John Oyejola, Catholic Bishop of Osogbo who reminded the Directors of their core mandate of evangelization and peaceful coexistence with fellow  Priests.

The opening ceremony commenced with the enthronement of the Bible led by The Propagation of Faith National Coordinator, Rev. Fr. Thomas Ibironke, the reading was taken from (1Romans 1,16-17) “For I am not ashamed of the gospel. It is the power of God for the salvation of everyone

The PMS National Director, Rev.Fr. Solomon Patrick Zaku welcomed the Directors to the plenary, thanked them for the good work they are doing in their Dioceses  and intimated them about the activities of PMS for the year 2023 which include Mission Congress at Owerri in October this year.

The Secretary General of The Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria. Very Rev.Fr. Zacharia Samjumi welcomed the Directors into the premises of The Catholic Secretariat, gave his goodwill message while stating that he used to be a PMS Diocesan Director of Yola Dioceses many years ago, that he actually loved to be a PMS Director because of the special Mission that has been entrusted to them, he further stated the Apart from the existing collaboration of PMS with the department of Mission and Dialogue of the Catholic Secretariat through Mission Congresses which is jointly organized by the two units. He concluded by saying he long for more collaborative activities in order to enhance the Mission.

The National Director of Social Communications Directorate, Very Rev Fr. Michael Umoh also gave his goodwill messages while admonishing the Directors to key

into the second edition of Communications week also known as (ComWeek) which takes place from 14th-21st May 2023 in their various Dioceses

 The Director of Mission and Dialogue, Rev. Fr. Joseph Tile Nomwhange SMA had a paper presentation on the them “Burning hearts, feet on the move”     (Luke 24:13-35)

  which is the theme for 2023 World Mission Sunday, he explained extensively on the journey of the Apostles to Emmaus as they were sharing within themselves the story of the suffering, death and rising of Jesus from the dead, not knowing that they were talking to the risen Jesus himself. He appraised the hospitality of the two who allowed a stranger (Jesus) to even walk side by side with them as their heart burn for the Goodnews.

He further stressed that, to them, Jerusalem was a place of shame, the place they never want to remember again because of what happened there.

After the animation, there were presentation of reports from the National Executives Council and from various Dioceses.

At the end of the of the meeting, an extra day was added to the new Diocesan director for Orientation to equip them with the necessary capacity to run their offices.

The meeting ended with a closing Mass by the PMS Episcopal Chairman, Most Rev.John Oyejola by 6;15am on 28/04/2023. To God be the glory.