Report of the School of Missionary Animators 2017

The School for Missionary Animators, organized and promoted by the team of the National Pontifical Mission Societies (PMS) in Nigeria from October 2 to 6, 2017 was held in DRACC Abuja. About 70 people participated at the School: (New PMS Directors, PMS Coordinators and HCA Animators from various dioceses throughout the country). Participants were given the opportunity to learn how the four Pontifical Mission Societies work, as well as learning the principles needed to animate children/groups in different environments: schools, parishes, church groups. During the School the participants were able to exchange their experiences on the work of animators and also share the difficulties in carrying out this service. In the Four days of training, the Animators were able to hear several talks regarding: (1) the missionary spirituality, (2) the dynamism of the Children Missionary groups and the commitment to help their peers in mission countries, (3) Situation of the Mission in the world, in the Country and in the Church, (4) Values and need of HCA in our community, (5) Qualities of the Missionary Animator, (6) Evangelization and Missionary Animation with Children, (7) Trinitarian and Ecclesiological Basis of our Mission, (8) Process of Mission Formation with Children, (9) Programme of Missionary Formation in the Holy Childhood, (10) Missionary Communion, Organization and Co-orperation of Children, (11) Working for, with and by the children, (12) Challenges and tasks of the Holy Childhood in the third Millennium and (13) on the 'missionary animation of young people. The participants were commissioned at the closing Mass evening before the day of departure.

All of them were very happy and full of enthusiasm and new ideas when they left in order to continue in their challenging task of missionary animation.