The initiative was conceived by Rev. Fr. Andrew Small, OMI, National Director of Pontifical Mission Societies, USA, after the address of Pope Francis to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) delegates in Rome in 2013. The Pope’s appeal was to help reduce food insecurity through sustainable systems and structures in Africa. The Initiative is therefore meant to increase food production, improve livelihoods through positive social impact, make best use of available idle or underutilized Church owned farms and also generate income to support evangelization work of the Church.

The initiative envisages:

  1. Use of participatory approach to improve livelihoods according to the local needs of each diocesan institution / congregation in line with their identified economic activities.
  2. Development of clear business plans for implementation as determined by availability of market.
  3. Collaboration with key stakeholders in Agriculture in each place for better coordination, production and best returns.
  4. Change in mind set from grants and donations to social impact investments.

  5. This initiative is meant to provide an opportunity for the Catholic Church in Nigeria in particular and the Church in Africa as a whole, to be economically stable and self reliant.